The Mylorian Language actually consists of several separate spoken and written languages. The first true "Mylorian" language is an amalgamation of other languages that developed naturally over time, while the second was created intentionally to provide a universal language for the species as a whole.

Ancient LanguagesEdit

Prior to the creation of Old Mylorian, language on Mylor was much like it is on present day Earth. Hundreds of dialects were spoken, based on various regional languages. This persisted for hundreds of years, and only changed when the Mylorian species solidified into a single world government around 4322 BC.

Old MylorianEdit

In 4322 BC, the Mylorian species celebrated a unification under a single government called the Mylorian Federation. One of the first major actions of this new government was to create a single language to be spoken by all Mylorians. The language was required learning for all Mylorian citizens, and within a few decades it was known as the primary language planet-wide. Linguistically, Old Mylorian is very similar to languages found on Earth. It bears a resemblance to many Germanic languages, having many of the same nuances, such as synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms, as well as multiple ways to refer to the speaker in language. These nuances eventually lead to the creation of the new Mylorian language, which is referred to simply as "Mylorian" by native speakers.

New MylorianEdit

By 1042 AD, space travel was a commonplace endeavor, and many day-to-day activities were carried out off-world. Technology had advanced considerably, and the Mylorian Republic determined that because of Mylorian Empathy, a less ambiguous language should be developed for improved efficiency in communication. To this end, a new language was created. The current Mylorian language eliminates many of the potentially confusing nuances common with other languages, such as multiple meanings for words, words that sound the same but are spelled and used differently, and similar issues.

Basic StructureEdit

Mylorian is a relatively simple language. Each mora, or syllable, is represented by its own unique letter. Because of this, it is a completely phonetic language, and no two words are spelled the same way. Spelling is simplified because all words are spelled exactly as they sound.

Use of Velnira (Mylorian Empathy)Edit

Because Mylorians are capable of sensing the emotional states of other Mylorians in close proximity, the use of a simplified language that lacks flair or highly subjective and descriptive words is much more practical. The use of emotional undertones to accentuate speech is known as Velnira Shen, and human linguists referr to it as "empathic inflection". For example, a Mylorian can use the word "Chon", which means "Big", and provide an emotional inflection to emphasize the degree, as opposed to using one of several words that mean the same thing, such as "Large", "Huge", "Gigantic", and so forth. To accommodate written words, which lack the empathic undertones of face-to-face conversation, varying color gradients are used to imply empathic inflection.